HPI Savage Flux HP (Konverterad till XL)

Art.nr:  104242_BEG
Pris:    4.900kr
Status:  Fåtal i lager

En av våra RC-entusiaster har nu uppgraderat till HPI Baja 5B flux och säljer genom oss sin gamla ögonsten. Den har vart bra omhändertagen (givetvis använd som den är avsedd till) men vi har gått igenom den och det är mycket bil för pengarna.
Bilen är tungt uppgraderad och det har lagts ner mycket energi i den. (se bilder för aktuellt skick)
Bilen levereras utan laddare.

Nedan specar vi alla uppgraderingar som vi hittade i genomgången samt ungefärligt nyvärde:
5mm XL sideplates (Monterade vid lev): 1000kr
5mm sideplates för Baja konvertering:  1000kr
Alloy centerdiff med förstärkta bevel gears och drivecups: 500kr
RPM bärarmar fram: 140kr
Roll cage 150kr
Alza Racing centerdiff kit: 850kr
Hjulbreddare i aluminium: 250kr
24mm hex konvertering: 450kr
24mm hex fälgar med grovmönstrade däck 2000kr
Det medföljer även 2st 7.2V 5000mAH Lipo från turnigy värda ca 400kr/st samt en del reservdelar (se bild)
Radion är utbytt mot en GT3B (original finns ej kvar)


The Savage Flux HP - Jaw-Dropping Flux Power!

The Savage Flux HP is guaranteed to wow you and your friends! Powered by the awesome Flux Tork 220 motor and twin battery packs, you will be pulling wheelies at the twitch of a finger, and getting air like nobody's business!

Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC trucks, and the Savage Flux HP is no different. Just plug in two matching battery packs and you are off and running! The Flux Blur speedo can handle massive amounts of power, and you can fit in up to 16 NiMH cells or 2 LiPo batteries (either 2S or 3S type).

Want to hit the speed limit with your monster truck? With the Savage Flux HP it's all too easy! With 2 3S LiPo batteries and on-road tyres like mounted Phaltlines you can hit 62 mph (100kph) in no time!

The Savage Flux HP is equipped with as many tough option parts as we could fit in, just so it can handle the power of the Flux Tork 2200 motor. We've equipped it with an all-metal gear transmission, steel spur gear, super heavy-duty dogbones, machine cut diff gears, 2.5mm TVP chassis plates, 3mm 7075 motor plate and dual 8mm billet motor clamps!

Twin Battery Power
Brushless motors like the Flux Tork 2200 are already super powerful with just one battery compared to their older brushed ancestors, so you can imagine what two battery packs will be able to provide! The Savage Flux HP can take up to 16 NiMH cells (split up with 2 x 6-cell, 2 x 7-cell or 2 x 8-cell battery packs) or 2 LiPo packs of either 2S 7.4v or 3S 11.1v construction. The production battery boxes will feature loads of vents to keep the batteries cool, and we suggest using official Deans zero-loss battery plugs.

Flux Tork 2200 Motor
The Flux Tork 2200 motor is one of the biggest and most powerful brushless motors available, and was selected specifically for its massive power delivery and voltage handling. It can take up to 25 volts of power, delivering hordes of power - plenty of juice to let to you do instant wheelies and standing backflips! The Tork 2200 is held in place with 2 machined 8mm billet aluminium motor clamps secured to the 3mm 7075 alloy motor mount to prevent it moving once the gear mesh is set. Option pinion gears will be available to fine-tune the speed and torque delivery!

Flux Blur ESC
With the capacity to handle up to 6S LiPo power and more NiMH cells than can actually fit in the Savaage Flux HP, the Flux Blur speedo can take anything you can possibly throw at it and keep coming back for more! Fully programmable with our #100573 USB Programming Kit and fitted with fat 6mm bullet connectors, the Blur delivers power to the Tork 2200 motor in massive gulps of voltage while the integrated cooling fan keeps everything at a reasonable operating temperature.

All-Metal Transmission Gears
The Savage Flux HP features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every jolt of power gets from the motor to the tyres efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. The whole drivetrain runs on rubber-sealed ball bearings for optimal efficiency, for extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds! The diffs feature the all-new Machined Super Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set, with extra-large bearings for extreme durability! These are tougher and stronger than all other available bevel gear sets for the Savage!

XL Tough Suspension
The Savage Flux HP features the uprights designed for the larger tyres and weight of the Savage XL, giving you the assurance that you'll be able to deal out the same abuse that all the other nitro-powered Savage trucks can handle! Beefy parts mean the Savage Flux HP can take plenty of abuse and punishment, giving you plenty of big-air thrills before a parts breakages forces you to take a break.

Machined Super Heavy Duty Diff Gears
Equipped with the new #102692 - Machined Bulletproof Diff Bevel Gear 29T / 9T Set, you can be sure that the diffs of the Savage Flux HP will last for a long time, taking the punishment of the Flux Tork 2200 motor! The entire drivetrain can be upgraded with all the option parts available to nitro Savage owners, letting you upgrade and bulletproof your truck as desired.

Thick Super Heavy-Duty Dogbones
Extra-thick, super duty dogbones provide the insurance you'll want when you take the Savage Flux HP way off-road and into rough country! The thick diameter, larger ends and sleek black anodizing add up to all the assurance you'll want that the drivetrain won't let you down when the going gets tough! You'll be able to commit the full power of the Tork 2200 motor to the ground without worrying about drivetrain breakages or anything else!

Machined Steel Spur Gear
A machined steel spur gear is the perfect match for the power of the Tork 2200 motor. The pinion gear spins on a 5mm motor shaft and optional pinion gears will be available after the Savage Flux HP is launched. With the all-metal drivetrain running from the motor to transmission, and from the gearbox to the diffs, you get a huge amount of drivetrain protection with gears that won't strip, melt or break! You'll have security and peace of mind that your truck will not only perform superbly, but last as long as possible in the roughest of terrain and conditions!

Big Bore Nylon Shocks
Four huge Big Bore shocks give all the suspension action you need to get out and blast through the roughest of tracks or off-road terrain. With slick nylon bodies they are lightweight and strong, with almost no friction 'stiction' between the shock piston and shock body. The extra-large capacity gives you extra control and damping action so you have the driving feel that makes off-road driving so much fun!

SF-5 High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo
HPI designers settled on a super-strong, extra-tough high torque metal gear servo. With nearly 9kg of force per centimeter (that's 126psi!), the SF-5 will get the GT-2 tyres turning easily at any speed! There's no need to upgrade the servo for anything else - this baby's got it all! With the bellcrank steering and built-in servo saver, you can be sure that the SF-5 will be fully protected against crash damage or bad landings, too!

Savage Wheelie Bar Included
The #85245 is included as standard, ready for you to bolt on in case you want to pull impressive wheelies to wow your friends. Want to pull off jaw-dropping standing backflips without a ramp? Leave the wheelie bar off, we don't mind - just be prepared for your friends to ask for the controller! It's OK if you say no and tell them to get their own, though!

All-Terrain Tyres
With the aggressive tread of the GT-2 tyres, you can go off-road to on-road with cool, predictable handling and very little drama. The centre tread lines give you stability on paved surfaces while the side treads and heavy-duty sidewall teeth grip any sort of dirt, mud, muck, leaves, etc., you can find on dirt roads or rutted fields. Drive with confidence knowing that the grip from your tyres are the least of your worries.

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