Futaba FP3GR 2.4 FASST


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  • Art.nr:FP3GR24
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Futaba spakradio för bil eller båt

It offers virtually every feature of the 3PM 2.4GHz system — in the stick radio layout preferred by many modelers. Like the 3PM 2.4GHz, the 3GR-FS is dedicated to 2.4GHz, so there’s no module to worry about. For airplane pilots wanting to race cars, trucks and boats, the 3GR-FS provides familiarity — along with the speed and precision of Futaba’s acclaimed FASST technology!

3GR-FS 2.4GHz Programming Features:
Throttle stick adjustment (70/30 for nitro; 50/50 for electric)
Steering/Throttle trim, trim rate, dual rate & exponential
Steering/Throttle/3rd channel reverse, EPA & sub trim
Steering speed
Throttle ATL
Mechanical ATL
ABS braking
Brake mixing for large cars
Throttle acceleration
One programmable mix
Condition change mixing
Up/down timer
10 model memory
100-lap memory
Fail safe